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Fuck Yeah Women of Color

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*waits for 911 to call me first so i don’t sound thirsty*

The issues… omg lol


Many Michaels… All Jacksons



Elina Halttunen teams up with Finish art duo Tärähtäneet ämmät to create the Monokini 2.0 Bathing Suit line

“Having only one breast made finding fitting bikinis difficult. Therefore I fashioned my own Monokini,” Halttunen says on the Monokini 2.0 website. “I thought that maybe there would be others out there like me, women who wanted swimwear that would not make them feel that they were missing a breast.”

I just assumed they were amazon warrior women

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Willow & Jaden for Vanityfair shoot!

Jewelry by http://nenasoulfly.tumblr.com/

Rice stand

Adorable Senait Gidey